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Forthcoming events: 



The  37th General Assembly of the ESC will be held online 

from 19 to 24 September 2021!   


The Young Seismologist Training Course on the theme Historical Earthquake Data in Seismology Practice is on hold until it will be possible to meet in person.


The 3rd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology will be held in Bucharest, Romania from 19 to 24 July 2022.

It will be a joint event of the 17th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and the 38th General Assembly of the ESC.

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  Past events:    


The 2019 Annual Meeting of the Seismological Society of America was held in Seattle, Washington on 23-26 April.

The joint SSA-ESC session was titled Explore the Fault2SHA paradigms across the Ponds

After the formalization of a Fault2SHA Working Group inside the European Seismological Commission (2016), some initiatives organized by the WG Executive Committee in the “Old World” (, and a fruitful session at SSA2018, for presenting new data sets and the latest integration of fault sources in SHA models in Latin Americas, this session aims at exploring differences and similarities in treating fault data in seismic hazard assessment across the Ponds (the Oceans). Descriptions of earthquake sources coming from field observations and from modelling, discussions on how to handle uncertainties in source representation for Seismic Hazard Assessment (i.e. probability of multi-fault ruptures), contributions to the identification of 3D, geometrically complex fault systems, and their incorporation in either physics-based or probabilistic seismic hazard results are welcome.  



Laura Peruzza (OGS, Italy), Ned Field (USGS, USA), Richard Styron (GEM, USA), Alessandro Valentini (UNICH, Italy)




The 36th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission was held in Valletta, Malta from 2 to 7 September 2018. The final number of participants was a record 802! 

The Peter Bormann Young Seismologist Training Course was successfully organized in the preceding week.

The website of the Assembly

The ESC Student Awards were presented for the second time in Malta.

In the category of oral presentations the following presentations were awarded:

Roseanne Clement: ”Using multiplets to find small signals in big data”






ESC award LEP

Lukas E. Preiswerk: ” What does ambient seismic noise tell us about glacial crevassing?” 

The following posters were awarded:

Martin Bachure: ” Waveform cross-correlations – precision, limitations and consequences

Carina Haeger: ”3D density, thermal and compositional model of the Antarctic lithosphere”

ESC2018StudentAward Haeger










 In addition, Roseanne Clement won the IASPEI Early Career Award.



Representatives of the Seismological Commissions met during the General Assembly in Malta. From left: María José Jiménez, Stefano Parolai, Ina Cecić (all ESC), Paulina Amponsah (AfSC), Johannes Schweitzer (IASPEI), Marcelo Assumpção (LACSC).  

Seismological Commissions version2





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From the ESC Working Groups:

Visit the website of the newest WG titled Harmonizing Internet Macroseismology in Europe 

Contribute to the Portal of the ESC WG on Communication here

Get to know the website of the FAULT2SHA Working Group and find out forthcoming activities! The WG promotes a new initiative, open to all researchers interested in contributing to discussions on topics that could improve the assessment of seismic hazard.

The Working Group on Induced Seismicity organised as its second activity a special session 'Induced Seismicity - The European Perspective' at the annual meeting of the SSA in April 2017. 


What were the past General Assemblies of the ESC like? Find out! Interesting documentation has been made easily accessible.

This list summarizes the files.


Sadly we announce the loss of esteemed and beloved colleagues and friends:

Older obituaries can be found here.