European Seismological Commission


Welcome to the ESC web site. 

Here you can find information on the structure of the European Seismological Commission, Working Groups and more.


The 34th ESC General Assembly will take place at the 2nd Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology in Istanbul, 24-29 August 2014

At each General Assembly the ESC Council elects the following members of the  Executive Committee (Bylaws. Article V) : the President, the Vice-President,the Secretary General, the Assistant Secretary, and three additional Executive Committee members. The actual members and their terms are:

President: Alexey Zavyalov (Russia). 2012-2014
Vice-President: Murat Nurlu (Turkey). 2012-2014
Secretary General: Mariano Garcia-Fernandez (Spain). 2006-2014
Assistant Secretary: Stefano Parolai (Germany). 2012-2020
ExeCom member: Pierre-Yves Bard (France). 2010-2014
ExeCom member: Constantin Ionescu (Romania). 2010-2014
ExeCom member: Stefano Solarino (Italy). 2010-2014

During the 2012 meeting in Moscow, the ESC Council recommended open calls for nominating candidates for the Executive Committee elected members, as well as for the  Resolutions Committee and the Nominating Committee (Bylaws. Article VI). Those nominations will be considered by the President, the Executive Committee and the Council when appointing (committees) and electing (ExeCom) the members, following articles V and VI of the Bylaws.

The call for nominations will be open until Friday August 15th.

Please suggest one name for each office and committee