European Seismological Commission

ESC General Assemblies

The ESC organizes biannual General Assemblies, usually with 300-600 participants, and fosters workshops and seminars on specific seismological topics between the Assemblies. The scientific outcomes of the Assemblies have been published in the ESC proceedings and in special issues of scientific journals. Recommendations and resolutions  are adopted at each Assembly.

The first ESC training course for young seismologists was organised in connection with the XXV ESC General Assembly in Reykjavík, Iceland in 1996. Since then, the Young Seismologist Training Course has taken place on the week preceding or following each General Assembly under a variety of topics. Up to 65 young seismologists have attended each course. They have obtained insights into seismology under the tutorship of established seismologists from Europe and overseas. The courses have been co-sponsored by IASPEI and other institutions. 

Every eight years the ESC General Assembly is held together with the European Conference on Earthquake Engineering by the European Association for Earthquake Engineering. These meetings aim to foster and increase cooperation between the engineering and seismological communities. The first joint event, the First European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology was organized in Geneva, Switzerland in 2006, the second ECEES in Istanbul, Turkey in 2014. The third ECEES took place in Bucharest, Romania, in 2022.

The Inge Lehmann Award Lecture was introduced in 2014. It is granted to a highly esteemed woman seismologist or earth scientist with contributions to seismology. The Award lecture is delivered as one keynote lecture of the ESC General Assembly. The ESC Student Award granted at every General Assembly in the categories of oral and poster presentation was introduced in 2016. 


I 1952 Stuttgart, W. Germany
II 1954 Rome, Italy
III 1956 Vienna, Austria IV 1958 Utrecht, The Netherlands V  1959
Alicante, Spain
VI 1960
Helsinki, Finland
VII  1962
Jena, East Germany
VIII 1964 Budapest, Hungary
IX 1966 Copenhagen, Denmark X 1968 Leningrad, U.S.S.R.
XI 1969
Madrid, Spain
XII 1970 Luxembourg
XIII 1972
Brasov, Romania
XIV 1974
Trieste, Italy

XV 1976
Cracow, Poland
XVI 1978
Strasbourg, France
XVII 1980
Budapest, Hungary
XVIII 1982
Leeds, U.K.

XIX 1984 Moscow, U.S.S.R. XX 1986
Kiel, West Germany
XXI 1988
Sofia, Bulgaria
XXII 1990
Barcelona, Spain
XXIII 1992
Prague, Czech Republic
XXIV 1994
Athens, Greece
XXV 1996 Reykjavik, Iceland 1996
XXVI 1998 Tel Aviv, Israel XXVII 2000 Lisbon, Portugal XXVIII 2002 Genoa, Italy
XXIX 2004 Potsdam,     Germay XXX 2006  Geneva, Switzerland
XXXI 2008 Hersonissos, Greece XXXII 2010 Montpelier,   France XXXIII 2012 Moscow,      Russia

XXXIV  2014 Istanbul, Turkey

 XXXVI 2018 Valletta, Malta

XXXVII 2021 Corfu, Greece (virtual)







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ESC/SSA Travel Grant to attend the 2024 SSA Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska

Apply for the ESC/SSA travel grant by the deadline of 30 November 2023! Seismologists from any member state of the ESC are eligble to apply. We encourage in particular students and early-career researchers to consider applying. More information can be found here.

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