European Seismological Commission

Current Working Groups


02-07 Seismic phenomena associated with volcanic activity. Responsible: Jürgen Neuberg (UK)


      02-10 Earthquake physics: Field observations, experimental and numerical modelling and comprehensive analysis. Responsible: Alexey Lyubushin (Russia)

01-12 Archive of historical earthquake data for the European-Mediterranean area. Responsible: Andrea Rovida (Italy) and Christa Hammerl (Austria)

This Working Group  provides a scientific framework to the European Archive of Historical Earthquake Data (AHEAD -


02-12 Preservation, valorisation and analysis of seismological legacy data. Responsible: Josep Batlló (Spain), Thomas Lecocq (Belgium), secretary Raphael De Plaen.

03-12 Increasing the impact of scientific communication in seismology. Responsible: Stefano Solarino (Italy)

01-16 Environmental Seismology.

This Working Group is under consideration.


02-16 Fault2SHA_linking faults to seismic hazard assessment in Europe. Responsible: Oona Scotti (France) and Laura Peruzza (Italy)


03-16 Induced seismicity. Responsible: Enrico Priolo (Italy) and Manfred Joswig (Germany)


01-18 Harmonizing internet macroseismology in Europe. Responsible: Valerio De Rubeis (Italy) and Koen Van Noten (Belgium)











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