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Velocity model of UK and NW Europe




ESC-SESAME European-Mediterranean Seismic Hazard Map


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From the ESC Working Groups:

Contribute to the Portal of the ESC WG on Communication here

Visit the website of the FAULT2SHA Working Group and find out forthcoming activities! The WG promotes a new initiative, open to all researchers interested in contributing to discussions on topics that could improve the assessment of seismic hazard.

The Working Group on Induced Seismicity organised as its second activity a special session 'Induced Seismicity - The European Perspective' at the annual meeting of the SSA in April 2017. 


What were the past General Assemblies of the ESC like? Find out! Interesting documentation has been made easily accessible.

This list summarizes the files.


Sadly we announce the loss of esteemed and beloved colleagues and friends:

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