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Inge Lehmann Award Lecture

The Inge Lehmann Award lectures delivered are as follows


Supershear earthquake rupture speed by Shamita Das in 2014

Global imaging of the Earth's mantle in the era of numerical wavefield computations by Barbara Romanowicz in 2016

Upper mantle discontinuities - anisotropic view on the lithosphere-asthenosphere system by Jaroslava Plomerová in 2018

Paleoseismology in Europe: what's next? by Daniela Pantosti in 2021

New seismic imaging methods in Europe using noise by Helle A. Pedersen - to be presented at the next General Assembly



Inge Lehmann (1888-1993) was a Danish seismologist who investigated how seismic waves propagate through the interior of the Earth. In a seminal article in 1936, she promoted the idea of an inner core of the Earth that is composed of different material than the outer core to explain some of the seismic waves she had studied. Later research has confirmed that the inner core is solid.

Inge Lehmann also participated in the creation of the European Seismological Commission in 1951.

Erik Hjortenberg describes some of his reminiscences of Inge Lehmann, along with her life and archives.


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