European Seismological Commission

ESC executive committee meeting, Melbourne, Australia, 2011

Minutes of the

ESC-Business Meeting on July 2, 2011
at the IUGG General Assembly
in the Meeting Room 106 at the Convention Centre in Melbourne, Australia


Present: A. Ansal, B. Dost, G. Ferrari, S. Jakobsdottir (presiding), W. Lenhardt (minutes), J. Zschau, A. Zavyalov


1) Jakobsdottir opens the meeting at 18h45 and welcomes all present. The proposed agenda is approved:

1. Approval of the agenda
2. ESC General Assembly 2012
3. Web page
4. Misc.
5. ASC-ESC co-operation


2) ESC General Assembly in Moscow 2012.

Zavyalov informs on the progress of organizing the 33rd ESC GA in Moscow to be held from 19.8.-24.8.2012. Motto “ Seismology without boundaries”. Ten themes are to be covered.

The Young Seismologist Course will be held after the GA from 25.8.-30.8.2012. The theme will be either GIS applications or Data Mining.

The suggested fees are € 400 (early bird), € 480 (standard) and € 560 for on-site registration. Student fees are proposed as € 300, € 350 and € 400 respectively.

Zschau questions the student fee and suggests a reduction. Zavyalov will look into that and contact Remy Bossu regarding the percentage of students attending the previous conference in Montpellier 2010. Accordingly the fees will be adjusted. Zschau reminds all, that the SSA will also be present at the GA and their programme wishes are to be included in the programme. The General Secretary has been in contact with SSA about the session.

Ansal (EAEE) announces that a Ambraseys Award Lecture (45 min.) will be held at the assembly. Jakobsdottir asks Ansal to send an e-mail to all ExeCom members regarding nominations for the Award Lecture. The nominating committee shall consist of 4 EAEE members and 1 ESC member. Jakobsdottir proposes P.-Y. Bard as ESC-representative in the nominating committee. She will contact him. In addition, the EAEE will have a booth at the GA.

Jakobsdottir informs about a possibility proposed by Van Eck in Montpellier about an ORFEUS session in Moscow. Dost (ORFEUS) will ask Van Eck about that.


More details can be found at


3) ESC Homepage

Jakobsdottir expresses the wish to modernize the current homepage, regarding structure, content and design. Lenhardt suggests a Content Management System (CMS) which allows more than one person to maintain and update the site. Jakobsdottir recognizes that this step would also ease the work load on the Assistant General Secretary. Ferrari reports his experience on using PLONE as CMS. Ferrari proposes to set-up a working group for this task. Jakobsdottir will contact her software technician to look into the matter and to come up with a proposal to speed up matters for the new homepage should be ready in 2012.


5) Asian Seismological Commission (ASC)

Between 19h30 and 19h45 Rajender Chadha (India) and Kazuro Hirahara (Japan) join the meeting to discuss co-operation. Chadha suggested arranging a joint sessions at the 33rd ESC GA. Jakobsdottir suggests the 23. or 24.8.2012 for a joint session to be held. Chadha will contact Zavyalov and they will send a name of a proposed session to the ESC-steering committee mailing list. Zschau proposes, that common session should be held at every other ASC and ESC meeting. ASC will be guest at the ESC GA in 2012. In return the ESC should be guest at the ASC GA in 2014, and in 2016 the ESC GA should again invite the ASC for a joint sessions.


4) Other business



The meeting is closed at 20h05.


ESC/SSA Travel Grant to attend the 2024 SSA Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska

Apply for the ESC/SSA travel grant by the deadline of 30 November 2023! Seismologists from any member state of the ESC are eligble to apply. We encourage in particular students and early-career researchers to consider applying. More information can be found here.

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