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Paolo Gasparini in Memoriam

Paolo GaspariniPaolo Gasparini sadly passed away on July 28, 2016 after a short period of illness. Paolo was born in Naples on May 4, 1937 and started his career at the Institute of Earth Physics of the University of Naples, where he became Professor of Earth Physics in 1970 and at the same time director of the Institute and of Osservatorio Vesuviano until 1983. After his retirement, in 2011 he was nominated Professor Emeritus at the same University.

Thanks to his impulse, in those years geophysics and volcanology Neapolitan group was born and grew, which has become over the years a scientific reference at national and international level for the quality of its research.

During his fourty-year University career, he held various positions of responsibility and prestige in commissions and committees at both national and international: among these was the five-year presidency of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior, the direction of the national Group of Volcanology and lastly the presidency of the Consortium AMRA, a high level organization formed by italian research institutes and Universities belonging to the Regione Campania.

At the University "Federico II" of Naples, Paolo Gasparini has held various institutional roles and made available its expertise in earth sciences and environmental risk assessment mainly related to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In his research career, Paolo Gasparini has always aimed at ambitious scientific goals, dealing with frontier issues in geophysics and volcanology, achieving innovative results of great impact in the scientific community.

 Its original ideas and the ability allowed to realize futuristic projects, such as the scientific supervision of tomography experiments of Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei, through which it was possible to identify the main magmatic reservoirs of Neapolitan volcanoes. In recent years  experiments started with seismic early warning systems to provide real-time mitigation of damage caused by earthquakes and most recently with the monitoring of man-made induced seismicity.

Last but not least, remember the Gasparini passion for teaching always lived so addictive for many of his students who have trained under his guidance.

 Paolo Gasparini has been one of the most leading figures in the field of Earth sciences and analysis of natural risks; a scientific personality of the highest level whose thinking has inspired and continues to inspire generations of researchers, which has managed to combine the commitment to the academic institution to the great scientific quality of its research activities, obtaining results of great relevance and impact on the community scientific reference at national and international level. We will remember him as a very kind and reserved man, with a keen sense of balance and always available to find solutions and winning strategies in the field of geophysical research.









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